Thursday, September 21, 2006

And the Abramoff noose tightens

Jack Abramoff. The very name is greeted in some Washington circles with the same horror that "E. coli" brings to California's Salinas Valley. And it appears the Abramoff political spinach was served at the White House many more times than we originally suspected.

CNN is running a story about White House visits made by Abramoff cronies Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed. Reportedly, the White House released the Secret Service visit records to settle a lawsuit by the Democratic Party and an ethics watchdog group seeking visitor logs for the two GOP strategists and others who emerged as figures in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. Norquist and Reed shared 115 visits between them, with the lion's share going to Norquist.

The article goes on to list seven other suspect individuals in the Abramoff circle that made repeated visits to the White House. Nothing surprising here, and no one of import will hang for the influence peddling that is rife in the current administration. Just the status quo in Washington, so please shake your heads and move along, people.

Ralph Reed confronting a skeleton: "My point is simply this: Even if I had posed for photos and video dressed in stiletto heels, bare-buttocked black leather chaps, a studded dog collar with leash, and a leopard print cowboy hat covering a flowing mullet, while riding a mechanical bull in an indian casino, that, that naive lobbyist is not the man you see before you now!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is more information on CNN about this mess, including: "Learning that Rove would appear at his restaurant, Abramoff wrote, "I want him to be given a very nice bottle of wine and have Joseph whisper in his ear (only he should hear) that Abramoff wanted him to have this wine on the house."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And even more right-wing "non-profits" are being implicated:

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