Friday, February 17, 2006

Would you like a side of Freedom Fries with your Rose of the Prophet Mohammad?

Those courageous Americans who traded their French fries for freedom fries after the French snubbed the U.S. warmongering effort in Iraq now have a gastronomic and xenophobic equal: Some number of Iranians are following up their morning prayers with "Roses of the Prophet Mohammad," rather than the Danish pastries that were so popular before a certain cartoon appeared in a Danish newspaper.

Now, while freedom fry-loving Americans are clearly idiots, some may think the Iranians are displaying cool-headed moderation with their "Roses of the Prophet Mohammad" -- after all, we're talking about reacting to blasphemy in a Muslim theocracy. But at least one question comes begging: Why is it blasphemous to produce a caricature of Mohammad or Allah but not so to rename an infidel pastry after the Prophet?


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