Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bush, Big Oil looking to bugger us yet again

It would appear that administering a $25 billion dollar butt plug to the American taxpayers care of his energy bill, the chief aim of which is the enrichment of oil and energy companies (many of which are already enjoying record profits), isn't enough for President Bush and his cronies. No, the only proper encore for a billion-dollar energy tax boondoggle is a million-acre drilling debacle in Alaska. And the sneaky bastards have learned from past failures in the Senate, where attempts to push through drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) have generally languished. This time around they plan to include a provision authorizing ANWR drilling as part of a budget procedure, which is immune to filibuster.

Reublican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green -- no matter your party preference you owe it to posterity to help end this nonsense. Two dozen House Republicans would seem to agree. Please contact your representation in the House and Senate and voice your disapproval.

-- Mark

President Bush to Big Oil: "Drilling platforms in paradise!"


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