Friday, July 22, 2005

Windows Beesta?

What does the world's largest software monopoly do when it has marketing billions to spend and nothing of technical interest to announce? Hold a press conference and throw some parties to reveal the woefully mundane new name of its flagship operating system, of course. Never mind that the product in question won't ship for another 18 months or more, and don't bother trying to understand how a project code-named "Longhorn" became "Windows Vista."

It's clear that those within Microsoft don't understand the name either. Greg Sullivan, group product manager at Microsoft, offered the following clarification: "We each have our own unique view or vista of this digital world. Windows Vista is going to bring more clarity to that." What? Windows Vista is going to bring more clarity to my unique digital vista? Whatever.

God help us -- Steve Ballmer wants to pole dance!


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