Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bolton ready to "kick ass, take names" at United Nations

Still giddy from the 51% "mandate" he received during the 2004 presidential election, George Bush sidestepped the Senate and installed John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador earlier this week. Commenting on his installation to the U.N., Bolton stated, "We seek a stronger, more effective organization, true to the ideals of its founders and agile enough to act in the 21st century. It will be a distinct privilege to be an advocate for Americans' values and interests at the U.N. -- and in the words of the U.N. Charter, to help maintain international peace and security.... Who am I kidding -- I just want to kick the whole world's ass!" Well done, President Bush.

-- Mark

John Bolton facing the Senate, demonstrating how to handle "hostile foreigners" at the U.N.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought you might be a Bush/Bolton fan, but it doesn't appear so. Good stuff -- all your entries -- in any case.

-- M. Peake

5:12 PM  

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