Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One for the Shake Your Head files

I post the following story only because it typifies the idiotic state of things in this country, especially in Washington (never mind that it happened in Georgia). I'd laugh, too, but I have young children, so laughing doesn't tend to help:
ROCHELLE, Ga. -- A woman was arrested after she called local police to help "get her money back" after she was unhappy with the crack cocaine she purchased.

Juanita Marie Jones, 53, called Rochelle Police late Thursday night after she purchased what she thought was a $20 piece of crack cocaine, according to police reports.

She told officers she broke the rock into three pieces and smoked one, only to discover the drugs were "fake."

She took Officer Joel Quinn and Deputy John Shedd of the Wilcox County Sheriff's Office into her kitchen and showed them the drugs, police said.

She was promptly arrested on charges of possession of cocaine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was one smart person, wonder if she has a job at hardees,,,

2:10 PM  

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