Monday, March 26, 2007

The first million-dollar laptop

Suppose you had one million dollars to spend and you dropped that sum on a single notebook computer. Suppose, too, you were an idiot. But I repeat myself.

Gizmag is carrying a story about the first million-dollar notebook computer. The company that makes such an expensive appliance, Luvaglio of London, justifies its purchase with the following: "Many claim to produce luxury goods but we believe that the true element of luxury is having something that says 'YOU', that money can't buy." Never mind the glaring contradiction in that statement -- how exactly does a notebook computer say "YOU"?

Maybe it says, "YOU will feel like an idiot when asked by the curious nerd about the brand, specs, and cost of your notebook (assuming you ever take the thing out of its gilded case in public)!" You'd better do your best Dr. Evil when you admit, "I paid ONE MILLION DOLLARS for this notebook and it was worth every penny of FORTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS the moment I took delivery of it, diamond power button included. Best of all, I'm going to attach frickin' laser beams to its head!"


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