Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My kids all a'buzzle in Bear Valley Lodge

This is a test (disguised as a post) of embedded YouTube content, which, if you see video below, has succeeded (I've been trying to use the YouTube "Post Video" feature, but am consistently getting http 400 errors with each attempt -- what gives, Google?).

My family and I went skiing this past weekend at Bear Valley in California's Sierra Nevada, and we shot some video on the slopes with our compact Olympus digital camera. The video quality as delivered by YouTube is far less than that offered by the camera (no surprise there) and the audio is woefully out of sync through much of the clip, but it's still cute.

My kids are seen eating lunch in Bear Valley Lodge. This was my son's first ski trip and both he and his sister had a great time, and both are asking when we'll go again, so I can envision how we'll be spending our winter breaks in the coming decades.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, Tried my best to get it to play - but to no avail!

How are you American Drurys?

Sent you an email earlier today to your tellme address and got a note back saying you no longer work there?

Do drop us a line sometime.

Love to all the family.


2:23 PM  

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